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Educational Programs

School for Advanced Studies (SAS)


Our goal is to promote student achievement and develop critical, independent, and creative thinkers. Our program is enriched and accelerated with gifted and high achievers clustered in classrooms. Instruction is differentiated to provide students with complex and challenging curriculum involving grade and across grade level collaboration. Our teachers receive specialized training in differentiating instruction and implementing parallel curriculum.




Erwin School is part of the LACMA Educational Outreach. Our program incorporates a variety of strategies for securing a comprehensive, standard-based arts education for all students in all classrooms in all arts form. The students receive dance, music, theater and visual arts lessons.  Our goal is to help our students develop creative intelligence that encourages communication of ideas and feelings through images, sound and movement.




Our California Treasures reading program is a researched –based curriculum that provides students with engaging literature, an emphasis on nonfiction and a strong focus on comprehension, vocabulary and fluency helping students to be successful readers. Treasures program also offers phonics, spelling, grammar and writing integrated into all differentiated reading and instructional materials. In addition, the teachers engage the students by using animated instruction and guided practice in the phonics, word studies and comprehension lessons that support the student’s acquisition of taught comprehension skills.




My Math California is the adopted math curriculum at Erwin.  This curriculum offers a rigorous math program that is also aligned to the California Common Core State Standards. It is also centered on conceptual development and problem-solving skills, as well as exposure to algebraic concepts as early as kindergarten. Each grade level in the program is systematically structured to provide consistent instructional routines with leveled resources. This program offers differentiated instruction activities that involve the use of hands-on manipulatieves and sensory learning. Students at Erwin engage in game-based online learning. Students explore new concepts and build mastery through online discovery.