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The world is a rainbow
With many kinds of people
And when we work together
It's such a sight to see
The world is beautiful
When we live in harmony

- Greg Scelsa


Erwin Street School has a diverse student population. The 850+ children in pre-school through grade 5 come from various backgrounds, including Hispanic, Armenian, Russian, Afro-American, Asian and other nationalities. For many children, English is a second language. The cultural traditions of our students enrich and broaden the educational experience at Erwin.

What can students do to promote school success?

  • do their best on class assignments, homework and projects
  • turn in their work on time and completely
  • practice good school behavior and good citizenship - be good neighbors
  • come to school on time and ready to learn
  • seek help for skills or concepts not fully understood
  • read at least 20 minutes a day outside the classroom



Homework is part of the school curriculum and each student's responsibility. Homework is assigned as reinforcement to classroom lessons and to build good study habits. The following is the Homework Policy set forth by the Los Angeles Unified School District. These are the minimum number of minutes to be spent on completing assignments. Homework will be assigned each Monday through Thursday. 

  • Kindergarten 15-20 Minutes per Day
  • Grades 1-2 30-35 Minutes per Day
  • Grade 3 35-45 Minutes per Day
  • Grade 4 35-45 Minutes per Day
  • Grade 5 50-60 Minutes per Day